I am so glad you are reaching out for support.  Early childhood is an emotion-filled time matched with parents varying energy levels and skillsets.  If you find yourself struggling, worrying, or erupting over recurring behavioral challenges from your child or your own self-doubt let me help.

A private consult consists of a one hour Zoom or phone call.  We will cover specific questions to convey the personality and essence of both the child and the parents.  Then we will shift to dissecting the disruptive patterns.  All of this information will dictate the tailored strategies created to shift challenging behaviors.

We will cover a lot of ground during our session, please make sure to eat and be hydrated beforehand.  Please bring a notepad!

*Evening appointments are available


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Katy T.

I've known Joshua for 7 years, since my oldest daughter was just a babe.  She met me where I was as a new parent - someone who had lots of questions, doubts and not sure about how to handle this major life transition.  Being in that "circle" with Joshua was the breath of fresh air that I desperately needed.  She helped me feel validated, secure and cared for.  The sage wisdom she shared with me week after week truly changed me - as a parent and as a person.  Looking back to that time and the road that she and I have shared, I feel so grateful.  I've had 2 other daughters since then and she has come alongside me every step of the way.  Whether it be navigating new siblings arrivals, angst ridden preschool transitions or just plain old life "stuff" Joshua takes a holistic approach that makes the parenting journey feel supported and grounded.  Whenever I run into a bump in the road, I call her.  I could not recommend Joshua more!



Ciara S. 

I came to Joshua as a stressed out single parent filled with anxiety, exhaustion and just a general feeling of helplessness as I struggled to juggle work and a 2 year old in the middle of a pandemic.  I needed help!  From our very first conversation Joshua put me at ease and gave me a fresh perspective on my circumstances using her wisdom, humor and expertise.  I followed her guidance and experienced immediate improvements in my family.  As we continued to work together no matter what new problem I threw at her (and I had a variety) she would ask insightful questions to gather as much information as possible and then arm me with  practical tools and techniques to improve my situation, and I always felt her recommendations were specifically tailored to the unique dynamic between me and my child.  Working with Joshua has given me hope that I can parent my child in a way that is supportive while at the same time respectful of my needs for balance and self-care too.  She is amazing!  I cannot recommend her highly enough.